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May 2022

Mask will now only be required if you have mild cough or cold symptoms, but are well enough to drive.

You can continue to wear one if you want, I will also wear one if you ask me too.

March 2022

All covid restrictions have now been lifted. however masks must still be warn during lessons and tests until I decide otherwise.

Tests will now continue for the full 40 mins regardless of pass/fail outcomes, unless the examiner feels its too dangerous for the test to continue.

I can now sit in the back to observe if the Student requests it.

covid forms are no longer required before the lesson.

January 2022

The government has lifted some restrictions and rules around PCR/lateral flow tests and Self Isolation if you test positive.

Please check my terms and conditions for details of how the rules will be applied to lessons.

waiting list

If you are looking to book lessons or are already on my waiting list, this will delay how soon I can get you started, my current students are going to have to wait longer for theory and practical tests, which will in turn means new students waiting longer for lessons. Please be patient I will be in touch as soon as I have availability, this generally happens after a successful test, or if a current student has to cancel lessons, which happens for many reasons and could create spaces at any time.

All instructors are currently in the same position, but there is no harm getting on as many waiting lists as you can.

Stay safe, follow the rules, and I hope to see you all on the other side.

Best wishes

Wendy Tacticos
1.5 hour lesson
Minimum lesson length is 1.5 hours
Test Day
2 hours , 1 hour lesson and 1 hour for the test

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